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We believe that sending cryptocurrency should be easy, fast, and safe. That's why Pop allows you to send cryptocurrency anywhere in the world using just a mobile number or to a Pop @username.

Your wallets and keys are stored on your phone, allowing you complete freedom to send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Litecoin from a wallet you control.

How It Works


Receive cryptocurrency

Accept cryptocurrency using a username or your mobile number. Signup is free and easy.


Send crypto

Send money to friends or merchants using a mobile number or their Pop @username.


Fast Transactions

See incoming transactions within seconds, making getting crypto fast, like really fast.

Secure Sending


Your private keys are stored with you or on your iCloud. Keeping you in total control of your cryptocurrency.


Each transaction is backed by a guarantee of up to $50. Allowing you to send and receive funds with confidence.


Proprietary software gives you fast transaction times of seconds rather than hours. Getting you your money fast.

For Merchants

Easy signup

Your customers can pay you in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum straight to your wallet. We watch the networks and let you know as soon as the funds are verified.


Create a branded username on Pop and have your customers that use Pop pay you directly. No need for QR codes or long addresses.

Eco Friendly

Your receipts are on the blockchain and easily findable on your app. This means less reciepts and more trees!

Mobile and Tablet

Use your mobile device, or a tablet at your POS to show your addresses. Full compatible with any iOS device after iPhone 5.

Blockchain Security

Since all of your transactions are stored on the blockchain that means you will have an accurate record of all transactions.


Transactions on Pop happen 5 times faster than other wallets. Meaning your customers can pay quickly and safely using cryptocurrency.

5.7 mln transactions
70 online consultants
23 countries served
2.5 mln bitcoin wallets